The Diploma of Freelance Journalism

The Diploma of Freelance Journalism is awarded to successful graduates of this course.

Your diploma officially recognises your qualifications as a freelance journalist and your successful completion of this course of studies.

The practical knowledge and experience you will have acquired throughout this journalism course is also of enormous importance. At the end of your course, you will have acquired a level of skill where you can take on any freelance assignment you choose.

Your Media Pass

At the successful completion of your online journalism course, you can apply to receive the INS Media Pass. You may find this pass can open many doors for you. This pass clearly states your credentials as a qualified freelance journalist and provides a useful and important form of identification. Your pass is free. The ID pass has a three year expiry, but graduates can purchase an updated pass when required.

In addition, you are automatically accredited by the International News Syndicate (INS). This accreditation places you on our register of freelance writers and other media providers.

Diploma of Freelance Journalism

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