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Mina Phillips

“The MJA tutorials only contained useful information. This included tips from experienced journalists, practical exercises and assignments which could go on to be submitted to publications.”

The Morris Journalism Academy’s Professional Freelance Journalism Course was everything I wanted it to be. It gave me the skills and confidence I was lacking as a writer and I was published the same week I received my certificate.

The course provided insight from industry professionals on what editors look for, how to pitch articles, photography basics, legalities and where to start when it comes to getting your foot in the door. Every tutorial left me feeling motivated and inspired. It answered every question I had about how to enter the world of freelance journalism.

My tutor and anyone I dealt with from the Academy were quick to respond to any query I had and were always encouraging. For every assignment I handed in I received pages of feedback from my tutor on what did and didn’t work. It was invaluable to be guided by a tutor, and industry experts, who have practical experience and know what it takes to succeed.

My experience studying with universities has been that the tutorials and courses can be tedious and full of drawn out information. So one thing I appreciated about the MJA tutorials were that they only contained what I found to be useful information. This included tips from experienced journalists, practical exercises and assignments which could go on to be submitted to publications.

The tutorials also discussed the pros and cons of specialising in one subject or being a general writer. Originally I thought it would be limiting to stick to one area as a writer but as I progressed through the course I realised that one subject area could be applied to so many different audiences. My tutor offered helpful feedback on which of my interests could work as a successful specialisation.

It made life a lot easier knowing that I could fit the course around the schedule of working full time. Completing it was stress-free and a truly enjoyable experience. It left room for trial and error and I was able to experiment with different topics.

Toward the end of the course my writing was published in Noted and Your Zen Life.  I have since built a website and am working on building my portfolio. I have conducted multiple interviews and received positive feedback from editors. Pitching ideas to publications has become part of my weekly routine and I have heard back from magazines that I have always hoped to be published in.

For me, the most valuable aspect of the course was that I felt that I was being advised by people I could trust. Now, when I propose an idea, interview someone, write an article and then show it to an editor, I know I’m on the right track. Before the course I never would have had the confidence to interview someone. Now I’m surrounded by support and encouragement. Thank you MJA – The Professional Freelance Journalism Course has been life changing

Mina Phillips

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