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Accreditation from academic leaders

The Morris Journalism Academy and the Professional Freelance Journalism Course are approved with the International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC).

The IARC provides a recognition and accreditation system, for distinguishing quality post secondary education, including vocational education, distance education, adult and continuing education.

IARC works with participating institutions across the world including the United States, Europe, Asia and Australasia. This accreditation brings recognition of the Academy having met criteria in the areas of administration, course content, and course delivery and student assessment.

This freelance journalism course is also recognised throughout the industry as providing appropriate training for the field of freelance journalism. In fact, many of Australia’s leading writers and editors are contributors to this freelance journalism course.

Although this freelance journalism course is not accredited with the ASQA, the international recognition and accreditation that this course offers serves both our local and international students. In this way, this freelance journalism course allows students to use their internationally recognised accreditation both locally and abroad.

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About the IARC

The IARC are a private organisation that is made up by members in the pursuit of better education standards for all. The board members put their names and reputations on the line with each and every course they approve so though they are not governed by an official organisation such as a government education department, it could be fair to say they are more invested in ensuring quality than your average government organisation.

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Qualification required to work as a journalist

Unlike other industries, at most levels freelance journalism does not require formal qualifications or training to find work and success. However, the value in undertaking a freelance journalism course such as the one we offer is knowing how to approach journalism, writing efficiently and effectively, understanding publication processes and chains of command and knowing how to profit from your efforts.

It is for this reason that our course is intensely focused on the practical side of freelance journalism.  The assignments you complete throughout this freelance journalism course will go a long way towards forming the backbone of your professional portfolio that you will then be able to build on as you produce and submit pieces to publications.

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