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Lesley Dawson

Extend your career

Teaching has been my chosen profession for the past three decades and I’ve loved it, but in recent years, I’ve wondered about the possibility of writing for a living.

Being a teacher, I knew I had good basic writing skills, but writing as a journalist is a completely different art. I knew I had a lot to learn.

I had always wanted to know how to write and get published in magazines and newspapers. I thought I might have to complete journalism studies at university, but I baulked at the time required to do this, as well as the expense.

Looking online, I came across the Morris Journalism Academy and I liked what I saw. Distance education meant I could study from home and in my own time. I discovered that I could gain all the knowledge and skills I would need to become a freelance journalist by completing this journalism course.

Enjoyable learning

The tutorials are set out in an easy to read step-by-step progression. It opens your eyes in an informative and entertaining way to the world of writing for a living. I was impressed by the line-up of media professionals who contributed to the journalism course. My tutor, a successful journalist and editor, was an encouraging guide who provided helpful and thought-provoking feedback and ideas on all my work.

My assignments became features articles which I sent in to The Chronicle, our local Toowoomba newspaper. I was delighted to see my words and photos in print and family and friends warmly encouraged me. Over the length of the course, I submitted four 1000-word feature articles which were all accepted for publication. Although this newspaper does not pay freelancers, being published gave me a belief in myself that I can do it.

Follow your dreams

My dream had been to be published in a glossy magazine and just before I graduated, I achieved this. I was elated. It was a reader’s page but a step in the door. My 600-word piece on the beach village of Bargara, near Bundaberg, was a winner in the July edition of On the Road.

Since graduating I have been published in Reader’s Digest and several local publications with articles written in my role as the media person at the school where I teach.

So far I have been very happy with the remuneration I have received for my writing and I intend to build on this new income stream with further publications in the future.

I would sincerely recommend the Professional Freelance Journalism Course to anyone who aspires to become a freelance writer. The Morris Journalism Academy will teach you everything you need to know and I guarantee you’ll enjoy this journalism course immensely.

Lesley Dawson

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