Lahnee Thomas Journalism Course Graduate
Lahnee Thomas

For as long as I can remember people have been asking me what I want to be when I grow up and for as long as I can remember the answer has always been the same; a journalist. So when I heard about the Morris Journalism Academy and what the Professional Freelance Journalism Course offered, I was stoked! No classrooms or years of lectures required. I could study in the comfort of my own home, in my own time, and at the end I still came out with an abundance of knowledge. What could be better!

This journalism course taught me everything I could possibly need to know about being a freelance journalist from the basics like how to set up my own office space to the complex workings of editorial teams and much more.

When I began this journalism course I had no idea just how beneficial it would really be. I was immediately amazed at just how much I didn’t know about the industry and how to truly succeed in it.

Not only did the course provide me with all of the necessary skills I needed to be successful but it also provided tutorials dedicated to a wide range of specialty areas such as travel and sports writing.

I honestly believe it was this along with the constant help and support from my tutor that got me to where I am today.

Recently I have written an article for a Melbourne based pole dancing school to be published on their website (and potentially also a women’s health magazine, Better Health). I have also had a reply from the editor of Go Camping magazine and I will be writing a feature for them as well, to be published in the next edition. On top of this I am also completing public relations work for Indigenous Business Australia (IBA).

Not bad huh? For me this is just the beginning of my success and I have the Morris Journalism Academy to thank for it. They taught me the tricks of the trade from an insider’s point of view and my immediate success proves this better then my words ever could.

To anyone who is out there wanting to get paid for their passions I couldn’t recommend a better course.

Lahnee Thomas

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