Elizabeth Roberts-Wright Journalism Course Graduate
Elizabeth Roberts-Wright

I’ve always had a natural curiosity and interest in the people and events going on around me. That, coupled with my writing ability and love of it, was instrumental in me gaining employment as a writer at my local newspaper over 12 months ago. However, I wanted to learn more and gain further skills, so when I came across the Morris Journalism Academy on the internet, I thought I would give it a try.

I remember having lots of different questions and doubts going through my mind when I first began working towards the Diploma of Freelance Journalism. Did I have what it takes to be a freelance journalist? Would I ever get published? As soon as I delved into study, it became clear to me that this journalism course would provide me with the necessary skills.

The tutorials were informative and easy to follow, and the writers of this journalism course seemed to speak directly to me. Expert writers and editors from all different genres explained not only how to write well, but also gave me their do’s and don’t’s on what to do to get published.

Throughout this journalism course, I felt that my writing developed and improved so much. I have learnt how to go about applying for freelance work, something I had no idea about before. These skills had me actively looking for freelance work before I had even completed the course. As a result, two months before I finished, I had written two articles for a publishing company in the Australian Capital Territory. I was commissioned to write the Victorian section of their upcoming publication Australia – The Education Destination and was paid $800.

My tutor was the well respected editor and writer Carl Hammerschmidt. It was a huge learning curve to be able to receive advice and support from someone who knows the industry so well. He gave me plenty of encouragement as well as specific and detailed feedback.

The assignments start with you writing a small amount of information, and the tutorials and tutors give you the tools to develop your pieces. By the end of this journalism course you have a large portfolio of work just waiting for the right publication.

As I am a mum with three children and I work part-time, the time factor is obviously important to me. I was able to read the tutorials and complete the assignments when it suited me. There are so many great things about this course that it is hard to mention them all.

Suffice to say, anyone interested in a writing career needs to start with the Morris Journalism Academy. Once you get the writing bug you won’t stop.

Elizabeth Roberts-Wright

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