Denny Meek Journalism Course Graduate
Denny Meek

For more than twenty years, through a fictitious-sounding life, I have been an avid journal writer. In generating over a million words, the writing practice has at times been my sole coping mechanism, perhaps on occasion saving my life.

More recently, I decided to write my story for the public. Since this would involve a different type of writing, I searched for what was available in what I needed, and enrolled with the Morris Journalism Academy. Its external course structure is most convenient, its information current, its specialised edge giving me a thorough training in journalism.

The tutorials, exercises, and assignments helped me with the objectivity I was after. I learnt lessons I needed about word limits and tightening up my writing. The human interest stories I wanted to write also provide excellent practice for my book. But in addition I learnt so much more that I wasn’t expecting, which opened up a world of options for me.

I had comprehensive learning with the Morris Journalism Academy in the field of freelance journalism, not just in areas of prior interest to me, but in ‘genres’ that were drawn to my attention through this journalism course. I have skills I didn’t have before. I know how to write for money now – in ways that readers want to read and editors want to pay. Any time I want to earn a part or full-time living freelancing, I am now standing on that springboard. Of particular value to me is what the diploma has done for my personal writing.

I have seen that whatever your area of interest, this journalism course is a gift to yourself as a writer and to any readers in your future. Conveying information through freelance journalism is one of the most satisfying ways to communicate creatively with others. The only limit to what you can write to inform, help, entertain, instruct, or humour people through freelancing, is your imagination.

This journalism course presents tutorial sections written by present-day editors and experts from all over the journalism arena, to develop in you a cutting-edge understanding and confidence. All you have to do to connect with that edge is enrol. The ready feedback given by the experienced writers at the Academy is of constructive encouragement and constant support. Their notes you get to keep, and refer to for years to come.

The diploma gave me the confidence to approach freelance journalism professionally. Within weeks of finishing the journalism course, I had introduced myself to the editor of a commercial newspaper, and was commissioned to write an article. It was published in a Saturday edition as a double page feature. All I’d done was what the Academy taught me.

Having that article published inspired me to front a publisher for my book, which at this stage, is still in the pipeline. If the ‘fictitious-sounding life’ sparks your interest, note my name, and you’ll just have to buy a copy! And remember its professional beginnings at the Morris Journalism Academy.

Some things in life are hard. Following this diploma through to being published and improving your writing future isn’t one of them.

Denny Meek

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