Bill Ordway Journalism Course Graduate
Bill Ordway

I enrolled with the Morris Journalism Academy and I’m so glad I did. The past year has been a very enjoyable journey for me to gain a freelance journalist qualification with the support and guidance of the staff at the Morris Journalism Academy. I would like to single out my tutor, Carl Hammerschmidt, in particular for his suggestions and useful comments that guided and supported me throughout the entire journalism course. I have been involved with study all my working life and I am happy to say that Carl has undoubtedly been the most helpful and the most constructive lecturer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Thank you very much Carl.

Since obtaining my diploma, I have been commissioned to write for Custom Kitcar. The first issue of this new magazine had four of my articles, while the second issue will have up to six articles. So I have been published with an on going contract for which I will be paid. I also travel around our vast country interviewing people involved with the manufacture of these custom vehicles. So far I have visited people in five states at the magazine’s expense – this has been a lovely lifestyle for a semi-retired person. It has given me the opportunity to earn some money as well as travel that otherwise I would not be able to do to the same extent – what price can one place on that experience?

As a freelance journalist I can tackle projects for other publications as well – all thanks to the Morris Journalism Academy. This has given me a new outlook on life with a new qualification that has opened doors to a sensational lifestyle and a sense of personal fulfillment.

Since completing this journalism course, I have also written several health and nutrition brochures for a naturopath.

For anyone thinking about joining the Morris Journalism Academy with the view of changing direction in your career or starting out in this field of work, my suggestion is simply to do whatever feels comfortable for you.

The right time to start is now. With distance learning, you can work at your own pace and the staff at the Morris Journalism Academy are always willing to help. An old proverb says, “success is proportionate to effort, for he who sows will reap”.

Bill Ordway

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