Adam Cummings Journalism Course Graduate
Adam Cummings

It was an innocent chat amongst friends:

“What would be your dream job?”

Without hesitating I replied that I’d love to do something that allowed me to combine two of my favorite loves – writing and sport. “What could possibly be better than getting paid to discuss something you love?” I mused.

I’ve always had a passion for writing but having been in my current position for many years, the thought of changing careers was not only daunting but something that I thought would be impossible. After all, sports journalism is an area that is only open to a select few and dominated by a field of experts …isn’t it?

The conversation sparked my interest and I began to investigate what options were available. The problem was that nearly every avenue I looked at had a roadblock of some description: courses required certain entry prerequisites, had rigid study dates or were very expensive. That was until I found the Morris Journalism Academy’s Professional Freelance Journalism Course.

What was ideal about this freelance journalism course is that it allowed me to continue to work my regular 9-to-5 job whilst studying at my own pace from the comfort of home.

The delivery of the tutorials was excellent. Each one is really well laid out, the information relevant and no assignment seemed a waste of time – there is a goal and focus to every tutorial.

The course is full of useful advice and is presented in an easy to understand manner. It contains handy tips, from journalists, editors and other industry professionals who provide invaluable insight.

This freelance journalism course not only helped to dispel the notion that writing is only for “professionals” or “experts”, it provided me with the essential tools to start building my portfolio. I even managed to get my first piece published before I finished the course!

Since then I’ve had multiple articles printed in a national publication – Inside Football magazine. Seeing my name (and now photo) in print is one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.

The fact that they also pay me to write about something I love is an additional bonus. Who would’ve thought that I’d have my work printed in amongst that of some of those experts I’d always admired?

The staff at Morris Journalism Academy were terrific and my tutor was an incredible help, not only assisting to develop the technical quality of my writing, but also giving me valuable advice at every step of the journey. From the moment my course guide arrived in the mail, the staff were professional, approachable and gave me the necessary one-on-one contact I required.

This assistance gave me the confidence and the necessary guidance to begin what I hope will be a long and successful career. Thanks to the Morris Journalism Academy’s Professional Freelance Journalism Course, my pipe dream is now officially on its way to becoming a reality.

Adam Cummings